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B/L (Bill of Lading)
A bill of lading is a legal document issued by the shipping company or their agent to AA Japan. This document details the type and destination of the vehicle being carried. It also states that your vehicle has been loaded into a vessel. After having received your payment, AA Japan will send you this document. You will need it to take delivery of your vehicle at its discharge port.
C&F (or CFR)
A C&F price includes the price of a vehicle plus the insurance and freight cost.
A CIF price includes the price of a vehicle plus the insurance and freight cost.
Clearing Agent
A clearing agent is a party, authorized by international customs authorities, who can manage the clearing process of your vehicle for you.
Commercial Invoice
A commercial invoice is required by customs to determine the true value of your imported vehicle. It is issued by AA Japan.
The consignee is the importer’s name.
East Africa Automobile Services (EAA), a pre-export vehicle inspection company authorized by the Tanzanian Standard Bureau (TBS) and Ugandan National Standard Bureau (UNBS).
ETD (Estimated Time of Departure)
The date and time when a ship is expected to depart from a named city or port.
ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival)
The date and time when a ship is expected to arrive at a name city or port.
Export Certificate
An export certificate is a legal document confirming your vehicle is being legally exported from Japan, i.e. the vehicle’s previous registration has been cancelled. This document is issued by the Japanese administration.
Forwarding Agent
A forwarding agent is a person or company that will manage the transport of your vehicle from the discharge port to its final destination.
Inspection Certificate
The inspection certificate is a document issued by authorized inspectors who certify your vehicle has passed the required pre-export inspection. It asserts the vehicle meets the required specifications and is in good mechanical condition when leaving the port of departure.
Insurance Document
The insurance document certifies your vehicle benefits from a marine insurance (CIF shipment).
Interlek International Ltd. is the sole company appointed by the Government of Mozambique to carry out pre-shipment inspections on all imported vehicles.
Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Center Co., Ltd. (JEVIC) is a Japanese registered company specializing in pre-shipment inspection and certification of cargo. When importing vehicles, the Zambian government requires the inspection certificate issued by this organization.
Notify party
The person or company the shipping agent will contact to notify you when your vehicle arrives at its port of discharge.
Port of departure
The departure point of a vessel.
Port of discharge
The place where a vessel is off-loaded and all shipments are delivered to the consignee.
Proforma Invoice
An estimated invoice, or quote, issued by AA Japan. This document contains the type and quantity of each vehicle, their value and other information such as weight, insurance cost and transportation cost.
Shipping Agent
A person or company representing the shipping company in a port, who is authorized to manage the company shipment and cargo at said port.
A vehicle is reserved when a customer has booked the car but has not yet paid. If the customer does not pay within 3 days, the vehicle’s status will become available again.
A vehicle is sold when the payment has been completed. For legal reasons, AA Japan cannot remove a sold vehicle from its stock before it has arrived at the port of discharge.
A vehicle is available if no one has reserved it yet.
Vehicle Destination
The final country where the vehicle is going to be both registered and used.
A Free on Board (FOB) price indicates the price of a vehicle without any additional costs such as insurance or freight.
RORO shipping
Roll-on/Roll-off (RORO) is a shipping method allowing vehicles to be directly driven into or out of a ship without the use of a container.
Container shipping
Container shipping is a method of transporting goods by sea. Every container conforms to a standardized size. Up to 6 vehicles can fit into one container, depending on size of container and size of vehicle.
Quality Inspection Services Inc. Japan (QISJ) is the sole company appointed by the Government of Kenya to carry out pre-shipment inspections on all imported vehicles.