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By replying to this type of email, you may run the risk of money transfer fraud, phishing and other scams. Your ID numbers, passwords and other important personal information may be stolen.
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Japanese: +81-45-594-0507
What is a proforma invoice?

A proforma invoice is an estimated invoice, or quote, issued by AA Japan. This document contains the type and quantity of each vehicle ordered, their value, and other information such as insurance and transportation costs. After receiving this document, you will need to pay the value of this invoice to AA Japan so shipment procedure can start.

How soon should I make a payment for the vehicle I reserved?

We usually ask that you pay for your vehicle within 3 days after reserving it. We also ask that you send us a TT copy to confirm that you have completed the payment. The transfer needs to appear in our bank account before the shipment process can begin.

Can I pay via Paypal and Credit Card?

Yes, with AA Japan you can pay via Paypal and Credit Card.

What currencies do you accept?

AA Japan accepts payment in either US Dollars or Japanese Yen. When selecting a bank account for payment, please ensure you select the one corresponding with the currency you wish to pay with.

How long does it take aa japan to receive my payment?

If you have submitted your payment via bank transfer, it will take us approximately 3 days to receive it. Once we confirm that your payment has been received, we will start the shipment process for your vehicle.

Who will pay the bank transfer fees?

AA Japan takes no responsibility for bank transfer fees. All bank transfer fees are to be paid by the buyer.