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What is the difference between FOB, CIF and C&F (CFR) prices?

FOB (Free on Board) price represents the cost of a vehicle without any additional expenses, such as insurance or freight. It is the most commonly displayed price. C&F (Cost and Freight) price, also known as CFR, includes the cost of the vehicle plus the freight cost. CIF (Cost Insurance and Freight) price includes the cost of the vehicle plus insurance and freight cost. All items on aajapancars.com are listed by FOB price. Once you add a vehicle to your cart, you will be asked to select its port of discharge. You will also have the option of purchasing insurance. After completing these steps, the price displayed in your cart will be CIF (or C&F if you did not purchase insurance).

Can I request vehicles not listed in your stock?

Yes, you can! With access to every car auction in Japan, we can certainly find the vehicle that fits your specifications. More than 80,000 vehicles are on auction every week. Which vehicle are you looking for? Let us know by filling in this form.

What does "Reserved" mean?

Our in-stock vehicles can have 3 different statuses: Available, Reserved or Sold (already sold but still in stock list). A vehicle is reserved when a customer has booked the car but has not yet paid. If a customer does not pay within 3 days of making a reservation, the vehicle will become Available again.

Can I see the vehicles physically?

Yes, if you are in Japan, you can physically inspect your vehicle. We would be happy to meet with you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you provide spare keys?

Availability of spare keys depends on whether or not the vehicle’s previous owner provided them at time of auction. If you cannot find them in the vehicle’s glove compartment, then they have not been provided. AA Japan is unfortunately not able to help with spare keys in Japan. However, you can always contact a local professional to make spare keys after receiving your vehicle.